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Welcome to the online entry portal for the Fond du Lac County Fair.  To begin entering information, please click "register" on the top left area of this screen above "welcome".   All users will be an "exhibitor".  Follow the instructions and complete each field as you are able to.  Even though you may have exhibited at the fair in 2022 or earlier, you will need to click that you are a new exhibitor.  Not all fields need to be completed.  The "Password" field on the first page is used for you to enter a password for your account that you will create with the fair should you need to save your cart and return to the system multiple times before you submit your entries.  Make sure to save your cart if you plan to step away from your computer or wish to finish the entry process at a later time.  Please contact the Fair Office at office@fonddulaccountyfair.com or 920.929.3168 with any questions or problems.  EVERYONE WILL PAY FOR ENTRIES AND ADDITIONAL PASSES WHEN PICKING UP TAGS THIS YEAR.  You may pay with credit card, check, or cash. Before submitting your entries, you will need to answer yes or no to the field titled "show at other fair".